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Axcel X Scope w/ Doc's Choice dia Lens Combo

Verkoopprijs € 260.00




100% All aircraft aluminium, the X-31 and X-41 Series scopes offer numerous options for any style of archery. The X-31 features an 1 3/8” scope housing where the X-41 features the larger 1 3/4” housing. Your choice of the Yoke Connection System (fits only with the AX or Achieve target sights) or the stainless steel 10-32 threaded rod that fits all available sights on the market today. Ring pins are available in 0.010 or 0.019 pin sizes in green, blue, red or yellow. Clear target doc’s choice lenses are sold separately and most lens manufacturers make the common sizes of both the X-31 and X-41. Can be used with a lens frame alone or in conjunction with a ring pin. Quality at its finest, the AX Series of scopes has something to offer everyone.