Bearpaw Riser Twin Hero Short

90,00 incl btw

Universally applicable for left and right-hand shooters!

Under this motto, we have further developed our wonderful Hero bows. Now we are able to offer all archers a twin riser.

Our Penthalon Twin risers are available for all lengths of the Hero bows:



    • riser Twin Little Hero


    • riser Twin Young Hero


    • riser Twin Hero short


    • riser Twin Hero long



Our Hero risers are made from an attractive combination of dark, smoky Actionwood with hard maple and padouk accent stripes. This appealing combination of beautiful woods gives our Hero risers a special, classic look. In order to accomodate the needs of various traditional archer’s preferences we have designed our Hero risers to allow either shooting off the shelf

The short Hero riser of our Hero Series is the basis for our Hero bows in 62“ length

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